IITA accepts members in the following classes: 

Join ONLINE   or    Join BYMAIL! Active: $50 Associate: $35 Corresponding: $35 Student: $25


Any person who is professionally engaged in translation, interpretation, or closely related work; is a resident of Iowa or who maintains full-time employment as a translator or interpreter in the State of Iowa; and meets at least one of the Active Member Qualification criteria is eligible for Active Membership. Any person who wants to apply for Active Member status must complete the Active Member Accreditation Form and submit it along with the required documentation.  Renewing Active Members must use the Active Member Reaccreditation to re-accredit their Active Member status each year.


Any person who does not meet all of the requirements of Active Membership but who desires to further the objectives of IITA is eligible for associate membership.  Upon further qualification, an associate member may become an active member.


Any person who is not a resident of Iowa but who desires to further the objectives of IITA can join as a Corresponding member.


Any person who is a full-time student, or any person enrolled part-time in translation or interpretation, foreign language or related course of study, at the undergraduate or graduate level, shall be eligible for student membership. A person may not retain student membership status for more than a four-year period. Only Iowa residents studying out of state, or students studying at a university or college in the State of Iowa are eligible for student membership.


Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals who have distinguished themselves in the translation or interpretation professions by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors.

Honorary Members:

George K. Zucker Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Spanish, University of Northern Iowa. (2005) Dr. Zucker was the first Iowan to achieve Federal Court Interpreter Certification, and is a Charter member of IITA.

Michael J. Piper J.D., M.L., M.A. (2009) is the Founding President of the Iowa Interpreters and Translators Association, and second recipient of the George K. Zucker Award for Excellence in Interpretation and Translation.


Life membership is available to any person who has completed at least twenty (20) consecutive years as a member of the corporation.